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My name is Thomas. I'm a product designer with over 12 years of experience and an engineering background. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and worked as an engineer before fully pivoting into design. Primarily self-taught.

I currently work with a company that creates self-development apps based on best-selling books. Our mission is to turn self-improvement advice into actionable practices by breaking it down into digestible steps. As part of the team, I manage the end-to-end product design cycle, tackle user problems, and drive business metrics. I find it extremely fulfilling to empower individuals to better themselves.

Previously, I had the privilege of leading a design team for a marketplace that enables small to medium-sized Indonesian enterprises to go online. Our team continuously improved the product by introducing new features and experimenting with growth in cross-functional teams. I also worked with an agency that specializes in developing products from scratch. During my tenure, I collaborated with several health organizations in the UK, including Omron, Smith and Nephew, and Bupa.

Other than that, I am keenly interested in writing and sharing knowledge; hence, you see me on Substack. Enjoy my writing. If you have any feedback, please reach me at hi@thebuddyman.com.


I'm writing two handbooks to guide designers with valuable insights, helping them thrive in their craft.

  1. Frameworks for Thinking offers various frameworks and tools to help designers and creatives think critically, generate new ideas, and solve complex problems. (Free)

  2. Deliberate Practice for Designers provides guides and insights to help you master your craft and become a lifelong learner through deliberate practice. (Pre-sale)

Another publication you might be interested in is where I discuss topics such as UI Design, Visual Design, Design Systems, Figma, and much more. Check out Nucleus UI.

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