Sitemap - 2023 - Design Buddy

Design Exploration: Round up

Exploring alternatives to challenge your ideas

A 50-year-old framework that is still relevant to our design exploration

Q&A for the design exploration topic

A reflective process to make the most out of your design exploration

Unpacking the term 'exploration' in the design field

Designing with purpose: Why intent matters

Designing with purpose: how intent framing elevates your design process

Is your project in limbo? This simple strategy from IBM will help you have a clear direction

A simple framework to start getting the right information from the right source


How much time do you need?

How can we continuously improve while busy working on our projects or full-time job?

Hitting a plateau

Understanding problems. It's just hard.

The 3 mindsets to adapt in the era of AI

Taking a little break

A guide to deliberate practice for designers

Airbnb 2023 Summer Release

🪙 Users and business

The Motivational Interview

(Not Boring) Habit App

💎 Crystallizing problems

Embracing Change and Thriving as Designers in the Age of AI

Index of Design Buddy

😳 Share your work-in-progress early and regularly

Beef: Netflix Mini Series (2013)

🎯 Decisiveness

☯️ The paradox mindset

😈 Playing devil’s advocate

🤔 Questions and assumptions

Practice by doing, and improve by self-observation and feedback

Impostor Syndrome

Start with a map

What if

Could users slip or make mistakes here?

Beauty and its flaws

✍️Think clearly by writing

Reinforce your design with reason and evidence

How to make better decision

Design artifacts are the journey, not the destination

Iteration & Variation

Find the root cause

Push just a little bit

You can’t do it alone

Start small

It’s okay. It’s not an easy journey

Is the grouping of content and elements intentional and won't cause ambiguity?